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The Problem of Evil by Peter Kreeft

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Furthermore, the cause of physical evil is spiritual evil. The cause of suffering is sin. After Genesis tells the story of the good God creating a good world, it next answers the obvious question Where did evil come from then? by the story of the fall of mankind. How are we to understand this? How can spiritual evil (sin) cause physical evil (suffering and death)?


Saint Thomas Aquinas is held in the Roman Catholic Church to be the model teacher for those studying for the priesthood (Code of Canon Law, Can. 757, §8). The work for which he is best-known is the Summa Theologica. One of the 88 Doctors of the Church , he is considered by many Roman Catholics to be the Catholic Church's greatest theologian. Consequently, many institutions of learning have been named after him.

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But if Reginald 8767 s story is accurate and relevant, it may also be that having written with exquisite clarity for many years, Thomas received a visionary moment of clarity, and saw the object of his theological reasoning in a way that made further writing inadequate.


excited by an extraordinary alteration, and after that Mass never wrote or dictated anything indeed, he hung up his instruments of writing in the third part of the Summa, in the treatise on penance.

Sorry ,but no. Listen to yourself here: 8775 If the state imposes the death penalty on those found guilty of forgery,it would be reasonable to impose it on those found guilty of heresy 8776 I sincerely hope that you don 8767 t believe that, and wouldn 8767 t have believed it then. When the Roman Catholic Church tosses around the word 8776 heresy 8776 , even in the 76st century it 8767 s a fearful and hateful perjorative it makes me think that even now, Roman Catholics wish that what you term 8776 heretics 8776 access to YOUR definition could be rounded up and murdered by the State. When RomanCatholics utter the words 8776 heresy 8776 and 8776 heretics 8776 , that 8767 s when I trust your institution the LEAST.

I’d always had an interest in philosophy, world religions, theology, and mythology, so this was as much entertainment as it was education. St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the most prominent doctors of the Catholic Church. His writings formed the basis of many subsequent Catholic writings by others. To this day, I credit St. Thomas Aquinas with cementing my belief in God, and starting my active Catholic journey in understanding “Why Catholic?”

At the age of five, Aquinas began his early education at the monastery. When he was 66, he left the University of Naples, where he studied for six years. Aquinas had come under the influence of the Dominicans, who wished to enlist the ablest scholars of the age. The Dominicans and the Franciscans represented a revolutionary challenge to the well-established clerical systems of Medieval Europe. [6]

Special revelation (faith) and natural revelation (reason) are complementary rather than contradictory in nature, for they pertain to the same unity: truth.

Tracing each change and its move backward to the first thing put in motion, the first change must have been placed in motion by an unmoved mover or a prime mover. While the universe may well have been set in motion by the Big Bang, what Mover set the Big Bang in motion?

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The Prime Mover, which is never in potentiality but is pure Actuality (that is, it changes without being changed), is not an arbitrary barricade against an infinite regress but rather a necessity demanded by the very meaning of infinite. Saint Thomas concludes:

Concerning (i) we must say that whilst they are parts of a substance such parts cannot be substances this is so given the definition of substance outlined above: that whose nature it is to exist not in some subject. Given that the parts of a substance are in fact parts of a substance, it is their nature to exist in some subject  of which they are a part. Consequently, the parts of a substance cannot themselves be substances.

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