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In 6996 , Ginny hoped her brother, Bill, would choose Tonks over Fleur Delacour — an idea Ron seemed to find laughable. After Tonks was murdered by her own aunt Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts , Ginny duelled Bellatrix, along with Hermione and Luna, although it is unknown if Ginny knew that it was Bellatrix who had murdered Tonks. After the Second Wizarding War , Ginny and her children were very close to Teddy , the son of Tonks and Remus.

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After the Second Wizarding War Ginny became a professional Quidditch player for the Holyhead Harpies. Upon retiring from the Harpies Ginny became the senior Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet . She eventually married Harry Potter and the couple had three children James Sirius (named after Harry's father and godfather), Albus Severus (named after Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape ), and Lily Luna Potter (named after Harry's mother and  Luna Lovegood ). Ginny became the sports editor for the Prophet by 7575.

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As more members of Dumbledore's Army and the Order of the Phoenix arrived for battle, Mr and Mrs Weasley forbade their daughter to take part in the fighting, since she was under age. Ginny furiously argued against it, not wanting to leave when her whole family and Harry would be fighting and wait at home for news.  Remus Lupin offered a compromise: Ginny would stay in the Room of Requirement so as to be on the scene, but would not involve herself in the fighting. Although she did not like it, she grudgingly agreed. [67]  She proceeded to stay in the room.

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Ginny, worried the diary would reveal to Harry things she'd written about her feelings for him , stole the diary back. Riddle possessed Ginny one last time and had her enter the Chamber of Secrets, with every intention of killing her and using her life to restore his own. Harry, however, as a Parselmouth , was able to enter the Chamber, rescue Ginny, and slay the Basilisk with the Sword of Gryffindor. He then used one of the Basilisk's fangs to stab the diary, effectively making it the first of Voldemort's Horcruxes to be destroyed.

However, she still harboured feelings for Harry and was displeased to hear that he had asked Cho Chang to the ball. She was even more despondent when Ron suggested that Harry take her to the ball since he did not have a date. Struggling with the idea that she could have gone with Harry, she nevertheless remained loyal to her agreement with Neville and attended the ball with him. [76] At the ball on Christmas , she met Michael Corner and started dating him at the end of the year. [68]

But still. This result shouldn’t have too much of an impact on which teams from England will qualify for the Champions League next season, except insofar as United helped their chances in the Europa League by playing a lineup full of backups against Arsenal.

Ginny confided in the diary, however, that she thought she was going mad. She woke up with rooster feathers on her robes, and could not remember where she had been at Hallowe'en and when Colin was attacked. She started to think that she was attacking everyone. [65]

On the Hogwarts Express, Ginny was separated from her brothers until the train stopped because of the Dementors. In the dark, she found her way into the compartment containing Harry, Hermione , Ron , and Professor Lupin. When the Dementors came to the compartment, Ginny was one of the worst affected by them as she had horrible experiences with Tom Riddle's diary last year. She went very pale and shook like mad, eventually sobbing and having to be comforted by Hermione. [69]

After the initial fighting Lord Voldemort called a temporary truce to allow the combatants to retrieve their dead, and for Harry to give himself up to avoid further killing. Ginny was shocked and heartbroken by the death of her brother Fred , and was comforted by Hermione. She later assisted in the recovery of the wounded outside the castle. When Harry passed her on his way to face Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest under the Invisibility cloak , she was comforting an injured girl. Harry thought she might have sensed his presence as he walked away, but the two had no contact, as Harry did not want anyone to try and stop him. [67]

The events of the play&rsquo s conclusion represent the death of the Old South. Unable to cope or to find a way to support herself since the loss of Belle Reve, Blanche goes mad and departs from reality. Stella sustains herself through her marriage and sexual union with Stanley. Stella and Stanley&rsquo s newborn child, a mixture of immigrant American and Southern American heritage, represents the South&rsquo s future.

Around Easter, Ginny had had her first real one on one conversation with Harry in the library, during which they ate Easter eggs together. When she persuaded him to talk to Cho (who had recently broken up with him in order to defend Marietta despite her treachery), Harry confided in her that he needed to speak to Sirius, and she encouraged him to do so, even insisting that she might be able to help. It's around this time that Ginny started to speak to Harry like a friend, and Harry in turn began to enjoy her company, although Ginny bringing chocolate into the library infuriated Madam Pince to the point of violently chasing her and Harry out. Ginny then went to Fred and George, and asked them to find a way for Harry to speak with Sirius.

Before the holiday break Ginny attended Slughorn's Christmas party with Dean Thomas. She spent Christmas at the Burrow with her family and Harry, and when Ginny returned to Hogwarts, she seemed unenthusiastic about meeting up with Dean. After Ron was accidentally poisoned on his birthday, Ginny visited him in the hospital wing, and they seemingly forgave each other. She and Harry discussed what had happened to Ron endlessly, trying to come up with an explanation for what had happened. [77]

By 7575 Ginny was the sports editor for the Daily Prophet , while her husband was promoted to head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. By this time all three of the couple's children were attending Hogwarts.

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