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Education among Dalits would bring an era of whole new inclusive growth. Reservation policy in education was concluded as a means to achieve this goal. Though after so many years after its implementation benefits have reached to only few sections which may be the result of the negligence on the part of central or the state government in its implementation. If properly implemented the Indian dalits would not had to be dependent on the policy of reservation.

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The social indicators like Maternal Moratlity Rate, Infant Mortality Rate etc are on decline. One of the major reasons is malnutrition. Though the govt. has introduced many schemes for pregnant and lactating women, the improvement in these parameters has been very slow. Education also needs to be imparted among people and especially mothers about diet habits to encourage balanced diet habits which will help eradicate malnutrition. Overpriced and unhealthy food are major issues to be dealt with to counter overweight and rising food inflation and bottlenecks in food supply are the major challenges to eradicate malnutrition.

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For the body to achieve the intended meaning, ensure the points evolve from being general to specific. This technique is essential as it offers a platform of fully exhausting the points in a systemic manner. Use transition words so as to connect the paragraphs and make the point flow. Start the body paragraph by using a topic sentence followed by the argumentative evidence that will support the claim. Finish up the paragraph by illustrating how that particular point is related to the argumentative thesis in the introduction.

To induce good reading habits, the reader must be made to feel that what is good in a book is really so. It is easier to improve one 8767 s judgment because it is a question of reason or logic. But it is difficult and a painstaking affair to improve one 8767 s taste, because it is a question of feeling. But merely saying that a good book is really good will not does. One has to involve the reader in healthy debates or discussions. The different aspects of 8766 good reading 8767 have to be discussed freely with the students.

With changing times, social changes in are a norm. These changes often don’t conform to the rules of the past generation. Sometimes, with passage of time, loopholes in present system are brought to the fore. These loopholes need to be fixed.

Independent India woke up with the vision of heralding a social order based on equality, non-discrimination and inclusiveness. Parliamentary democracy was chosen as a vehicle to achieve it. In the decade of 95s and thereafter, political milieu has seen a lot of churning. Unfortunately, in spite of progressive changes, primordial loyalties remain as entrenched as ever. Tensions related to gender inclusiveness, communalism, regionalism and linguistic politics remain unresolved. The task of nation building and promoting a social order based on equality and inclusiveness can’t be achieved unless remedial steps are taken to resolve the paradoxes.

It tells the reader to do something, with a visual and sensual context. It 8767 s difficult to read that lead and avoid doing what it requests, at least in your imagination.

Insights, waiting eagerly for evaluation. It is my very first essay here and I have not taken help of any material cause the topics is very generic. Suggestions are most welcome.

Education and Dalit Empowerment
Caste System which is in existence in India from ancient times, is a division of society traditionally based on occupation and family lineage. Dalit 8767 s who are at the lowest level of caste hierarchy, are the people on whom inhumane and unjust restrictions are imposed and are exploited to the highest level. Dalit 8767 s who constitute 66% of the country 8767 s population still struggle to achieve social equality.

Besides beginning with a memorable image of Cartland, the essay invites readers to consider their own fetishes and peccadilloes about favorite objects. You want the reader here to nod yes, agree that people are odd, and move forward into the piece.

In fact, this truth is apt to be taken up as a research subject. If we trace back the early life of those that have made a mark in life, we shall see that they have spent this period of their life most fruitfully. They may have been poor or may have been away from the seats of culture, yet they must have obtained access to the sources of knowledge during this period.

Caste system became the mainstay of India politics. Its importance has exponentially grown for political parties and the people alike in the process of democratization, instead of getting reduced a major paradox.

Twenty million voters with IQs under 65 have their ears glued to the radio it takes four days 8767 hard work to concoct a speech without a sensible word in it. Next day a dam must be opened somewhere. Four Senators get drunk and try to neck with a lady politician built like a tramp steamer. The Presidential automobile runs over a dog. It rains.

Common issues
The common factors which affect the quality of education of any HES are teachers, examination pattern and syllabus, regulation/autonomy,skill training, R& D output, academia-industry linkage, political intervention in technical matters and migration across streams and nations.

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