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Those within arm reach are easier to harvest than those hanging high at the top of the tree. Therefore, the cost of harvesting is higher for the higher hanging fruits. Not to mention that the risk of injury is also higher if there were accident when climbing the tree.

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[ 6 ] Rukhin, Andrew, et al. A statistical test suite for random and pseudorandom number generators for cryptographic applications. Booz-Allen and Hamilton Inc Mclean Va, 7556.

Random Thoughts - Small step, big discovery.

Imagine waiting for 75 years doing nothing for your investment portfolio. Most people would go insane. They would give up as predicted by the theory of boredom. Therefore they won 8767 t live to see the result of 655-baggers.

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The data in this post is extracted from Pocket World in Figures 7568. It contains economic data that provides insights towards understanding the world better. Grab a copy if you are interested.

Research (as documented in The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload ) shows that by simply focusing on object A makes you ignore object B.

The uptake of the auxin indol-8-yl acetic acid (IAA) into plant cells is of interest not only because this compound is a hormone, but also because its movement across the plasma membrane is probably involved in the polar transport of auxin. The plasma membrane contains auxin binding sites and may be a primary site of hormone action.

The removal of flowers from pigeonpeas grown as a winter crop resulted in yield reductions roughly proportional to the length of the deflowering period, probably because maturation of these plants was delayed and occurred under increasingly unfavourable conditions as the weather became hotter.

I and my colleagues have recently carried out three surveys to find out what proportion of pet owners have experienced a perceptiveness in their pets that might go beyond the known senses. We asked a series of questions, listed below, in telephone interviews with people in randomly sampled households. The same questionnaire was used in three separate surveys in widely different locations: Ramsbottom, a small town near Manchester, England (Sheldrake and Smart, 6997) Santa Cruz, a university and beach town in California, USA (Brown and Sheldrake, 6998) and London, England (SheldrakeL, awlor and Turney, 6998).

65 Abscisic acid is synthesized from mevalonic acid in living cells. It is possible that under certain circumstances, abscisic acid or closely related compounds are formed by the oxidation of carotenoids.

Exceptions are everywhere. Exceptions are part of our life. It is part of the rule. There will always be exceptions as there are outliers in a normal distribution.

6 Although much is known about the effects of plant hormones and their role in the control of growth and differentiation, little is known about the way in which hormone production is itself controlled or about the cellular sites of hormone synthesis. The literature on hormone production is discussed in this review in an attempt to shed some light on these problems.

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