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Prerequisite: admission to the graduate business program or permission of director. Introduction to global business environment. Cultural, economic, political, and legal systems. Advances in global trade, marketing, production, accounting, taxation, financial and payment systems. Impact of technological advances, multinational corporations, and nation-states on the performance and competitiveness of businesses. Lecture and case.

Online Master's in History

Despite being knocked off the top spot by business administration, education remains by far one of the nation’s most popular master’s degree programs. Admissions to some programs may be highly competitive and a great number of applicants are experienced educators. The most-commonly sought credentials are the Master of Education (.), ./Credential and Master of Arts in Education (.). Students can also opt to focus their skills by pursuing specializations such as education administration and management, special education, education counseling and post-secondary education administration. Three top online education and teaching degrees include:

Student-Designed MBA - Lakeland University

Students will conduct primary research on IR topics of their choice, deepening their understanding of key issues, literature, and the application of theory, and gaining essential skills in research, analysis, and writing up to the journal level standard in IR.

Business Administration, .

Your degree is an investment in your professional future. As a business school of international standing, not only do we offer you ideal conditions for earning a degree &ndash we also offer you excellent career prospects.

Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation from a comparative perspective. Examines substantive policy issues common to modern industrial and developing nations from the perspectives of policy analysis and decision-making considers the role of bureaucracy, the welfare state, political economy, and competing ideologies.

Master’s degrees available at ASU Online include American Media and Popular Culture, Business Analytics, Sustainable Tourism, Science of Health Care Delivery, Industrial Engineering, History, and Criminal Justice.

Government and politics of Western Europe (Britain, France, Germany, and Italy), Northern European Countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden) or government and politics, of selected countries.

Political parties nature and extent of citizen political activity election of public officials political organization of government.

Anthropologist, sociologist and economist may not be the first careers you think of for history graduates. But there is still a clear connection between knowledge of history and working in these professions. However, there are so many career opportunities for graduates of online master’s in history programs, that there may be jobs you haven’t considered. Here are three professional paths that involve skills gained by earning a history masters, but are somewhat outside the norm.

As a broad concentration, Global History covers processes that transcend regions, nations and even any single civilizations. Students study processes such as colonialism and imperialism, ideologies, religion, science and technology, women/gender, popular culture and demography among others while learning about Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. These online master’s programs include classes such as historiography, American education, . foreign relations and more. Students are exposed to a global perspective useful for careers in foreign relations, education and government.

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