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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 21:55

As one of the leading and independent technology consultancies, INVENSITY advises buyers and sellers in domestic and cross-border mergers & acquisitions of technology oriented companies.

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To provide new knowledge, new ideas have to be generated and there must be scope for creativity. To this end our innovation center was founded: to make the most of being able to try things out that may be unfamiliar or to simply start again, but this time applying different angles.

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Christian began his professional career at Jaguar / Land Rover Research where he was responsible for the development of a complex system. After his return to Germany, he worked as a consultant for an internationally-operating corporate consultancy, where he was responsible for the model-based development and the required processes.

Inventory Management System - DCAG

- The mission and vision reflect the aim of our actions. Our strategies and, ultimately, our aims, are derived from them. The overriding aims are broken down further and represent the objectives of each individual member of staff during half-yearly appraisals. In this way, each INVENSITY employee has the opportunity to make his or her own contribution to the overall company objective.

Due to the long-time experience of software development the source code is "historically grown". The consequences are structural weaknesses and the missing documentation of architecture and design. This type of code is called Legacy Code.

Overall, the global markets for energy technology have good prospects for growth. In view of the rising crude oil prices, especially the demand for renewable energy is increasing significantly and, according to estimates, will reach approx. 85 percent . for solar energy plants and around 65 percent . for wind power plants.

The creation of the Assurance Cases and its handling is very labor- and time intensive, but on the other hand safety and elimination of errors are the greatest challenges and should have highest priority. It has to be considered that recalls and error reports are not only cost intensive, but also cause damage of the company’s image.

The structured argumentation and evidence support the reliability of the main claim: . „The device is safe”. If the main claim refers to the safety of the device (like in the given example) the Assurance Case can be called Safety Case.

As a consultant at an internationally-operating corporate consultancy, he was responsible for requirements management and test management, and for organization structures in development departments.

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