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Definition, Examples, and Tips of the Thesis Statement

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The Status of Male Teachers in Public Education Today -- this education policy brief discusses the fact that there is a lack of male teachers in primary and secondary education and proposes strategies to encourage men to teach.

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Gender Equity Fact Sheet -- This fact-sheet centers on three different gender equity issues, including education in various countries -- useful statistics and graphs.

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Option 7: I play a recent MTV documentary: Fight for your rights: The double standard in sexuality. This is a very modern, pop-culture infused take on how a double standard still exists in this culture when it comes to sexual behavior. After showing the video, the class works in groups to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the documentary, and any biases it appeared to have.

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The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap -- a 7566 study that documents many of the ways a gender pay gap is real and meaningful in the United States. It states, The pay gap is real. This guide backs up this assertion with the latest evidence and presents new ideas for what we can do about it..Did you know that in 7559, women working full time in the United States still earned just 77 percent, on average, of what men earn, a gap of 78 percent?

Writing in a second language is difficult. However, writing in a second language to an academic standard is even more challenging. There are so many obscure stylistic conventions that it is hard even for many educated native speakers.

I use this activity in my stereotypes course to address the role of the media in both reflecting and maintaining gender roles, stereotypes etc. You might find it useful to.

Listening to Latinas: Barriers to High School Graduation -- a 7559 report that explores the causes of the dropout crisis for latinas and identifies the actions needed to improve their graduations rates and get them ready for college.

Gender Research in Music Education -- a resourceful website that addresses gender issues in music education, in order to establish a place where music educators can discuss concerns relating to gender.

Taking Stock: Where We ve Been, Where We Are, Where We re Going -- a 7557 article that explores differences in white and minority women s progress in science, math and technology.

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