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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay (with Pictures

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Your essay has a very good introduction and many ideas, but in the middle it gets confusing and becomes more uni-dimentional explaining the role of government in Dalit empowerment.

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Overall, your essay is good. If you can give depth and various dimensions without wandering away from the topic (here, you have not), your essay will fetch very good marks.

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Starting with the 6996 economic reforms: Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalisation(LPG), brought in a host of new actors in Indian democratic interplay., including private national and international mass media. Though these actors were incidental to the process, they have been able to shape the popular opinion or democratic voice significantly in India through both reporting and misreporting. The ouster of Congress, saviour in times of economic crisis, can be attributed to the latter. Contrary to the then popular perception, economy fared much better post-reforms and this ouster was the first paradox. For, greater awareness and consequent empowerment should have strengthened democratic decision-making: the contrary is noted.


You have the option to choose Mr Client to be based in China or Indonesia. Discuss the succession law in the jurisdiction where Mr Client is based.  Discuss the challenges and international cross border issues to consider when using a common law trust instrument for Mr Client with a comparison of the common law and civil law concepts. Conclude with a succession plan that is feasible for Mr Client.

I 8767 m confused with the 8775 to + verb +ing 8776 the above essay, what is the difference between these two phases? 8775 global programme to educate people.. 8776 and 8775 the key to making this happen.. 8776 . These can also be written as 8775 global programme to educating people.. 8776 and 8775 the key to make this happen.. 8776 . How to differentiate?

57:  You Advise the Trustees/Executors on their responsibilities and duties and the matters which should be considered when the trust or estate has a significant shareholding in a private unquoted company.

Power is given to the elected representatives by the people to govern the state. The state cannot misuse it to its advantage nor does use it to curb the people’s voice against its wrong policies. Issues like poverty, corruption, lawlessness, lack of development, nepotism, unemployment, economic disparity does create adverse public opinion among the masses against the government. With access to education people are more aware of the rights that are to be provided. Mass demonstrations, peaceful rallies, hartals etc provide ideal platform to protest against improper policy of the state. However on emotional issues, these rallies can become and take the shape of social movements and revolutions as per their nature.

Social movement in other parts of the world has also changed the attitude of governments. The movement for women’s right in America, movement against apartheid, movement for voting rights of blacks in America, movement for voting rights of women is some shining examples in the developed world. These social movements have strengthened the democracy in their respective countries.

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