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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 05:33

This group of papers is one of the first that I cover in class, because it's useful to frame much of the growth/development research. The concept is that real GDP per capita is produced using a function something like ${y = A F(k,h)}$. Real GDP thus depends on total factor.

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Brad DeLong had a recent post that contained a number of ideas regarding how we view redistribution in a market economy. I picked up on some comments he made towards the end of that post, in which he points out that much of our prosperity comes from a stock of.

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Last week, Matt Yglesias dug up an old post of mine about labor’s share of output and the measurement of productivity. The short version was that the decline in labor’s share may be part of the explanation for why measured productivity growth has slowed down in the same period of.

You have to be careful in confusing "free markets" with "perfect competition". By "free markets", I think we mean free entry for new firms and/or products into the market. We don't want restrictions on innovators from bringing their ideas to the market. We typically *assume* that free entry exists in.

I have to say, the professional penalties for violating proper decorum have been rather severe. For example, I ve been blacklisted from publishing in the top 5 journals for the past 8 years. I m not sure if the blacklist will be lifted now that I m a former chair. I guess the only way to find out is to take my most recent and/or best paper, reduce the font, add a 85 page appendix of redundant robustness checks and submit it to the AER. 5665

I'm doing a little post-mortem on this semesters first-year graduate macro class. I'm thinking about what I should be teaching in this course. The big meta-question is what is the right kind of material to be teaching? I see two perspectives here: Teach the big questions. They need to understand.

I don't know if these are scary or not. Anyway, they've been sitting as open tabs in Chrome for too long, and I haven't thought of anything clever to say about them, so here they are straight. Our World in Data. This site has some really top-notch graphics on a.

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