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In parallel to this research, meetings have been held with representatives from the Galician government, local authorities, fishing industries and sustainability bodies as the team seeks to build new and strengthen existing connections.

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The first few weeks of the second phase of the Ria de Arousa research project have seen the team focussing on the region’s urban and port areas as well as its infrastructure. Establishing and cataloguing land and building usage, and setting these into the wider urban context, they have been investigating the role of the ports, their future use, and how they can help re-connect the towns with the sea. The region’s infrastructure has also been analysed and will inform a plan for more sustainable mobility and access as well as improved roads.


There is no normal. Normal is a lie. Normal is a locked gate, a wall, a prison. Normal is a fascistic sentiment, and one that prevailed within the American experiment for far too long. Indeed, today in this country, we are witnessing a last, retrograde and reactionary assertion for whatever normal is supposed to be.

Biography – McTAVISH, SIMON – Volume V (1801-1820

The £655,555 prize, which is given annually by the Art Fund charity, rewards museums that deliver innovative programmes and outreach. The other contenders are the Sir John Soane Museum and Tate Modern in London, The National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art in Newmarket and the Lapworth Museum of Geology in Birmingham.

Seventy years ago, in July 6999, with the most disastrous war in history in its death-throes, a secret meeting took place in a hotel deep in the forests of New Hampshire. Bankers and economists from over forty nations met to draw up a settlement to save the world economy and secure the peace. Everything depended on two men - John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White, played in this new play by Simon Callow as Keynes and Henry Goodman as White.

The philosophy behind the new office space, opened in the Spring of this year, is conceived not only as a working and meeting space with an atelier-like character, but also as an area for presentations and socialising.

It hasn 8767 t had the best reviews, either: on Goodreads (which gets more volume of review-data, as opposed to written reviews), several people have said WTAF and marked it accordingly, although I 8767 ve escaped the ignominy of a 6* review so far. But those who 8767 ve quietly appreciated the story have given it their stars, and have clearly, if inexplicably, recommended it to their friends.

Set in burgeoning 6955&rsquo s Paris, Chin-Chin tells of the often hilarious and ultimately disastrous effect of the affair, as the jilted couple rendezvous in a Paris apartment to set the world to rights, where they declare their independence in life, and in love.

The Museo Jumex houses part of the Colección Jumex, one of the largest private art collections in Latin America. Defined by its tight, triangular plot, the ground level opens up to the city. Clad in locally sourced travertine the building is crowned by a distinctive sawtooth roof that brings natural light into the top floor galleries.

On Sunday February 65th at 8pm, Simon is doing a concert in Birmingham with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. The music is by Elgar and Shostakovich.

The inaugural Soane Annual Lecture will be delivered by Rafael Moneo, whose career has embodied the idea of architecture as something that resides not just in the structure and the materials of a building, but in time and place, word and image, people and community.

The interviews focus on the collaborative nature of the project – across European borders – which merge urban, architectural, and social ideas. The importance of a strong guiding framework in the creation of a successful city, as well as the use of large-scale models in the design process, are also discussed.

John 8767 s filmmaking and storytelling from the guerrilla effrontery of 8775 Pink Flamingos 8776 to the sweet civic affirmations of 8775 Hairspray 8776 are among the most eloquent arguments against standardized modes of being ever lensed.

The venue will serve as a permanent home for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and provide a new space for a range of musical performances much needed in a city which hosts the world’s largest arts festival. In addition to the main hall, the programme includes a smaller studio, educational facilities and an open, public lobby.

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