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They come in once a day and do a search of my room. Everything I have in there, EVERYTHING, goes out-including the inside of the mattress and a body search-once a day. It happens anytime. Random.

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Cheryl Hanna-Truscott is a photographer and former nurse midwife in Pierce County, Washington. For the past seven years, she has been photographing incarcerated mothers and their children in the prison nursery program at the Washington Corrections Center for Women. For more information, visit her website,  .

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"What we do know is that many of these children are at high risk for second-generation incarceration," Willis adds. "For parents who are in or have left prison, we need more community-based treatment programs, better treatment programs for those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and more efforts that focus on rehabilitation instead of punishment. We also need effective therapy programs for the children themselves."

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Imagine your life in a small cell for months with twenty others bored and going slowly insane. These children can be mentally and emotionally damaged. They are innocent going in but will be of a criminal mind coming out and will grow up angry at society and without a basic education, they have no chance for a better life than on the streets as scavengers and beggars. They are told they are criminals by being locked in cells.

Nursery programs include educational programs and support groups for the mothers so that they can learn about parenting and infant growth and development. Life skills, overcoming chemical dependency, parenting, and other classes for coping skills are offered, and sometimes required. These classes encourage incarcerated women to develop a reflective capacity, think about their child 8767 s needs, and focus on parenting and personal growth. 8775 Prison presents a crisis opportunity to improve inmates 8767 abilities to serve as productive members to their families and communities once they are released, through enhanced parenting classes, addiction treatment programs, increased literacy, and other programs to prepare for life outside prison, 8776 explains Lincroft.

The intervention team continually adjusts its interventions if it perceives that something's not working or if inmates express an interest in a new intervention, Kazura says. After about a month watching the two-hour interactions, for example, "We noticed that the visits between the fathers and their children were getting kind of stale," Kazura says. The team then designed and taught the fathers miniclasses on the fundamentals of good play, such as involving in open-ended games like drawing and painting rather than close-ended ones such as watching videos.

"The fathers' play interactions increased dramatically," Kazura says. One previously shy father-and-son pair, for instance, were seen happily creating a greeting card for the child's mom and reading a book together after the intervention.

The numbers speak for themselves: the number of women in prison in England has more than doubled over the past 65 years, with over over 9,555 women currently incarcerated in prisons in England. 65,686 women were jailed last year alone, but many serve relatively short sentences.

Photographer Richard Ross captured images of over 6,555 juvenile inmates housed in over 755 detention centers and correctional facilities throughout the . and Canada. According to his website, the "Juvenile in Justice" project explores the "treatment of American juveniles housed by law in facilities that treat, confine, punish, assist and, occasionally, harm them."

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