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Our water resource base continues to be degraded because of pollution, atrophy, veruse of surface water and over-exploitation of groundwater. Large tracts of land have been rendered uncultivable due to water logging and salinity, direct results of mismanaged irrigation. Unsafe drinking water is responsible for numerous diseases including dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, malaria and gastroenteritis. UNICEF estimates that 755,555 children in Pakistan die annually due to diarrhoeal diseases alone.

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When the service improves, higher tariffs can be applied. These are well accepted once consumers are aware that intermittent supplies are not the norm, and that a better service can be achieved. The willingness to pay is not an obstacle, since often consumers pay more in case of intermittent water supply: material costs are important for storage, treatment or pumping, and so are the costs in time (CHOE et al. 6996). Especially for the poor, bribing is sometimes necessary to get adequate service, and one person in the household is dedicated to securing the daily water supply, thus lowering the total family revenue. The real cost of water obtained through intermittent supply is therefore much higher than the simple water bill, and depends on the income as shown below.

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Boiling is suitable where enough fuel sources (. wood, kerosene, electricity, gas, charcoal etc.) are locally available all the time in affordable cost.
Especially in densely populated areas, boiling with fuel wood is not appropriate to the overexploitation of the wood resources and the subsequent environmental damage such as desertification and soil erosion.
Boiled water may cause burn injuries if not handled properly. Long term exposure in fire or stove smoke of the person boiling the water may cause associated respiratory diseases. For this indoor cooking space should be made well ventilated.

Social Disparities in Nitrate-Contaminated Drinking Water

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Remember that the tail on the right is actually very, very long. To my eye that still doesn 8767 t explain why the second bar (actually ten bars combined) is as high as it is. Even if you divide it by ten it 8767 s still too high as is the bar on the right which is actually many, many more bars.

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Anyone who wants to cure income disparity by penalizing business owners is a moron. They are the best of the best. (Business, not necessarily character) The biggest balls/risktakers. The street smart. The people willing to put it all on red. Deserving of the spoils. The people who make jobs for the Average Joe. Don 8767 t make tax policy self inflicted wound #9.

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