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8775 She and I 8776 is correct if your meaning is 8775 This is my daughter and I. 8776 If you intend your caption to mean “This is a photo of my daughter and me,” then you could write “Her and me. 8776

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Why, oh why ,do we have to put the quotation marks outside the punctuation points unless the punctuation is actually included in the quotation? It makes absolutely no logical sense to me!!

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Khakis is like the sound of cat not car. That person is doing it wrong to say how they are saying it. It is more like kawkis for car keys or kahkis for car keys. Khakis is pants. Same thing as for Par for golf, and people say Paw or Pah instead.

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I personally use grey, I don 8767 t know why. I live in America but it just seems right. That 8767 s why on most school assignments I usually get lectured on using 8775 gray 8776 , but I say to my teacher, 8775 Why does it matter? Grey is MY spelling and maybe I came from, I don 8767 t know, IRELAND. 8776 (and yes, that is true. I love learning Gaelic as much as I can so the language doesn 8767 t fade away.)

Yes, when it 8767 s used to describe the feel of cold, gloomy weather or the look of someone, for instance, I think 8775 grey, 8776 whereas when it comes to the color itself, I think 8775 gray. 8776

I agree that 8775 try and 8776 is not correct if one means to say 8775 try to 8776 , regardless where one grew up.
Consider the difference between 8775 try and fail 8776 and 8775 try to fail 8776 .
But I wasn 8767 t disputing that.

You could argue that 8766 like 8767 is functioning as a preposition in this sentence, and so, because the pronoun is the object of that preposition, it should be in the objective case: he. However, you could also argue the opposite by reasoning that the more verbose version of the sentence would read: 8775 Ann was behaving like he behaves, 8776 in which case, the subjective case would be more suitable.

The word 8775 blood 8776 is a mass noun just like 8775 water 8776 and 8775 milk. 8776 These nouns cannot be pluralized so the correct usage would be 8775 Does your patients 8767 blood look like this? 8776

My thought is that grey is used by the Brits because of two popular products that are more common there: Earl Grey and Grey Poupon both due to a person 8767 s name. Otherwise, I might think that all of us would have gray hair.

Please please please if there is another director who can DO OVER this movie and make it MORE FAIR AND TRUE TO THE AUTHOR's BOOK please please please do so. And please make it with REAL PEOPLE not Anime and not pixar. Thank you. The author and fans of this book deserve a movie about the book and its perfectly imperfect raw team of characters at the ages indicated in the book and all conflicts in the book that made true fans of the book laugh and sigh and relish the author's TRUE visions! Thank you thank you thank you!

I do think it might rain tomorrow.
You do not have enough gasoline.
We do not want to attend the concert.
They do like yoga.
She does not drive at night.
He does enjoy playing golf.
It does not need to be painted yet.

I can agree (in parts) if you say that English is a hard to speak language, once there 8767 s lots of words with slightly different pronunciation meaning sometimes even opposite things.

Some people who post pictures online write 8775 John Doe and I 8776 as the caption as if to say, 8775 John Doe and I are in this picture, 8776 or 8775 This is John Doe and I. 8776 I would prefer to write 8775 John Doe and me 8776 as if to say, 8775 This is a picture of John Doe and me 8776 ? Would it be more correct to use the former with the idea that a person looking at the picture would be more likely to ask, 8775 Who is this? 8776 rather than, 8775 Who is this a picture of? 8776

Mentally complete the sentence. 8775 The man boasted to his friends that he was a better singer than they were. 8776 Therefore, your sentence should be:
The man boasted to his friends that he was a better singer than they.

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