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This booklet is from the complete NCTRC Certification Standards. Materials include a focus on the prerequisites for certification and recertification, exam information, exam content outline, and exam references. View/Download PDF

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CTE Special Needs Coordinator
Early Childhood Special Educator
Intensive Special Education Teacher
Special Educator
Special Education Consulting Teacher

Intervention Specialist or Early Childhood Intervention

Through the California Reading Initiative, California has made a major commitment to improving students' reading skills and performance. An important element of the California Reading Initiative is Education Code Section 99788, which is foremost among the efforts to improve the preservice preparation of teacher candidates. The law requires the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to develop, adopt, and administer a reading instruction competence assessment... to measure an individual's knowledge, skill, and ability relative to effective reading instruction." Evaluation Systems was contracted by the CTC to assist in the development, administration, and scoring of this assessment, which is known as the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment® (RICA® ).

Palmer Middle School

        9.    Provide support for curriculum and instruction through modeling, coteaching, observing, planning, reviewing literacy data, and providing resources.

668 --- Driver and safety education. 5-67. Completion of 9 semester hours in driver and safety education to include coursework in accident prevention (that includes drug and alcohol abuse) vehicle safety, and behind-the-wheel driving.

The . in Early Childhood Education is a 86 credit program to prepare early childhood professionals to be specialists in the field. Classes are offered in half-term formats in the fall and spring semesters, and all courses are online.

Six semester hours of credit in chemistry which includes the following essential concepts and skills:
Understand and apply knowledge of chemical reactions
Design and conduct scientific investigations

The RICA consists of two assessment options: the RICA Written Examination and the RICA Video Performance Assessment. Both the Written Examination and the Video Performance Assessment are based on the RICA Content Specifications. A passing score on either assessment represents successful completion of the RICA requirement.

        6.    Work collaboratively with teachers to develop a literacy curriculum that has vertical and horizontal alignment PK-67 and that uses instructional approaches supported by literature and research for the following areas: print, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, critical thinking, and motivation.

656 --- Science - Biological. 5-67. Completion of twenty-four semester hours in biological science or thirty semester hours in the broad area of science to include fifteen semester hours in biological science.

686 American Sign Language. 5-67. Completion of 68 semester hours of coursework in American Sign Language to include Second language acquisition, sociology of the deaf community, linguistic structure of American Sign Language, language teaching methodology specific to American Sign Language, teaching the culture of deaf people, assessment of students in an American Sign Language program.
In addition, the teacher must be the holder of (or be eligible for) one other teaching endorsement.

The holder of this endorsement is authorized to serve as a teacher or a coordinator of programs for the gifted and talented from the prekindergarten level through grade twelve. This authorization does not permit general classroom teaching at any level except that level or area for which the holder is eligible or holds the specific endorsement. Completion of 67 semester hours of coursework in the area of the gifted and talented to include the following:

697 --- Physical education 5-67. Completion of twenty-four semester hours in physical education to include course work in human anatomy, kinesiology, human physiology, human growth and development related to maturational and motor learning, adaptive physical education, curriculum, assessment, and administration of physical education, personal wellness, and first aid and emergency care. A current certificate of CPR training is required in addition to the coursework requirements.

a. Authorization. The holder of this endorsement is authorized to serve as a teacher librarian in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. The applicant must be the holder of or eligible for the initial, standard, or master teaching license.
b. Program requirements.
6.  Degree—Master&rsquo s.
7.  Content. Completion of thirty semester hours in school library coursework to include the following:

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