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It is absolutely a psychological issue. She admits to a life of ocd. But she also believes any and all of the seemingly infinite books and articles touting the 8766 spiritual 8767 benefits of eating raw and vegan foods. Unfortunately those same (well intentioned) books also throw all of western medicine and psychology into one category, 8775 unhealthy and unpure 8776 . So it 8767 s been an impossible struggle to get her help. She 8767 s all too willing to go to 8766 alternative 8767 doctors who claim they can heal her and she can keep her extreme diet. Years and thousands of dollars later and nothing 8767 s better.

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I think you may have missed the point. 8775 Orthorexia 8776 is not about eating healthy food. It 8767 s about having an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy food it 8767 s about people who develop an eating disorder in relation to their food beliefs.

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Sadly, the image of my skeletal 5’8″ body will haunt my mother for the rest of her life. To all the other Moms, I am sorry that you have had to endure these same images.

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I love it that the word origin of "mad" is essentially change, similar to the two letters "mo" in "motion" or "emotion." You bet some of us want change, and often change is considered "mad." Perhaps you've heard someone whisper about a mutual friend going through emotional turmoil, "She's. changed.. she's just not the same person."

Today, who benefits by seeing extreme or even mild mental and emotional problems as primarily a "biologically-based" issue? Those who primarily promote a narrow medical model approach -- such as the pharmaceutical companies -- benefit by a medical model language.

Maybe so Melanie, but not in this case, I think. I am orthorexic. My orthorexia is not caused by a desire to feel pure. Mine is caused by the fear of pain that occurs when I don 8767 t stick to my diet. And while I 8767 m still a bit rounder than a fashion model, before pain eliminated potatoes and rice from my diet, I was easily 85 pounds (make that 75%) over the recommended weight for my bone structure and height.
Even though periods of relative inactivity combined with high density foods might bring my weight up from time to time, it is gradually dropping, over all. It is scary to think that someone could willingly 8775 purify 8776 themselves to death.

It 8767 s ok, MelanieD. I 8767 m sure there is help for the disorder you have of making judgments without having any knowledge of the subject at hand. I don 8767 t find a person 8767 s mental anguish or death to be ridiculous in the least. Lack of empathy, however completely ridiculous. And yes you can get sick from breathing too much air are you the last person on this planet to hear the word 8775 hyperventilation 8776 ? You can also get sick from breathing too high a concentration of oxygen. But I guess not understanding physiology makes you the smart one.

An oppressed group often seeks to redefine themselves as a first step toward liberation. For instance, many leaders of people we have known as Gypsies are asking to be called Romani. Look at all the permutations of language for African Americans just in the past century.

Doesn 8767 t everyone want to lose weight, too? Push that to extremes and it 8767 s anorexia. Doesn 8767 t everyone want to be rich? Push that to extremes and one becomes a lonely miser, wasting away in the basement. It 8767 s not that these basic desires are wrong. It 8767 s that in certain people they can lead to obsessive behavior, robbing that person of the richness that life has to offer. If pushed far enough, any obsessive behavior can lead to death. Even obsessive hand washing could lead to death if one can 8767 t stop for long enough to take care of one 8767 s necessities.

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Please get him checked for ulcers , as my partner went through a similar thing with the diet , wasn 8767 t until his ulcer burst and he nearly died that it became clear why he restricted his diet ..just a thought

But this is us laughing with us, and with all of society, to further our goals. That's different than someone exploiting us for their own private goals.

Next comes the Real Crisis. Patch is threatened with expulsion from medical school. I rubbed my eyes with incredulity: There is a courtroom scene! Courtrooms are expected in legal movies. But in medical tearjerkers, they're the treatment of last resort. Any screenwriter who uses a courtroom scene in a non-legal movie is not only desperate for a third act, but didn't have a second act that led anywhere.

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