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(Richard Nordquist, 89 Voices of the Modern Essay. 89 University of Georgia, 6996)

- 89 [L]ike the I of the lyric and of the real and invented autobiography , the I of the essayist is a mask. 89

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- 89 An essayist is a lucky person who has found a way to discourse without being interrupted. 89
(Charles Poore, The New York Times , 6967)

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We thought it best to illustrate what we are through the writings and thoughts of others we stand on the shoulders of giants. Thinking women and men who have expressed what The Essayist stands for much before we were born — and in a much better way.

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The wise man replied, “In the beginning I hoped to change these people with my words. However, now I keep shouting these good words so that I can stop them from changing me. Today I shout to keep myself from changing and becoming like them.”

89 Character is the act of seeing--and from the essayist s perspective, character is to be measured by how honestly the writer handles what he sees. His I must serve both as witness to and functionary of the world he observes, the world he has chosen to write of. At its most honest, the personal essay offers the reader a chance to observe the observer in the act of observing. The essayist s challenge is to make sense of what the eye sees. 89

Major British essayists include Francis Bacon , Jonathan Swift , Joseph Addison , Richard Steele , Charles Lamb , William Hazlitt , Robert Louis Stevenson , . Chesterton , Virginia Woolf , and George Orwell.

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