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As a defense scientist he got Bharat Ratna for his great success in Agni, Prathvi, Akash, Trishul and Nag missiles research. Our nation is proud of him because he brought fame to nation in missile power and challenging researches.

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It is true to a certain extent that casteism, strict adherence to the caste system, has become our way of life. The caste system originated in India around two thousand years ago, where people were categorized based on their occupations.

Informative essay even though there are grammatical and vocabulary errors. It 8767 s ok. Practice makes perfect 😉 I, too, have my own blog, and sometimes when I read my old posts, i see errors also.

Abul Pakir Jainul Abideen Abdul Kalam popularly known as Missile Man is the President of India. The nation knows him as a nuclear scientist and the father of India 8767 s successful missile programme.

All executive actions of the Union Government are taken in President 8767 s name. He is supreme commander of Indians armed forces. All important officers including Prime Minister, members of council of ministers judges of Supreme Court and High Court of State and Auditor General of India are appointed by him.

Goodwill is that invisible force which is difficult to earn and takes years to build but once earned, its benefits can be reaped for several years and generations

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He was one of those respected souls in this country whose contribution to our society as a scientist, leader and President has been most prominent. Once his terms as a President were over, Kalam visited various reverend institutes and universities present in India as their visiting professor. He loved sharing knowledge and motivating people towards the big picture of life.

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Marhoom Ki Yaad Mein is Patras Bokhari most famous essay from his sole masterpiece Patras ke Mazameen. It is story of a cycle that Patras buys from his friend Mirza, arguably the funniest story ever written in Urdu. Narrated and immortalized by voice of maestro Zia Mohyeddin

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