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Diversity In Workplace Essay

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:02

In the near decades, many new laws and regulations were set by government in different countries to protect the rights of individuals in employment opportunities. Examples of the new laws are Age Discrimination Act of 6978, Civil Rights Act of 6996 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 6995 (Luthans, 7558). These laws and regulations prohibit age and gender, physical disabilities discriminations as well as racism in employment. Many corporations started to take note of this issue and be less bias and more objective when selecting employees from candidates who apply for a particular job. As a result, more women, minorities and individuals who have physical disabilities have are benefited as more employment opportunities are provided to them.

Workplace diversity essay - Dissertation & Essay Services

Furthermore, more and more businesses nowadays have started to enter the international business arena. Many companies have business transactions overseas. . direct investment abroad during the 7555 to 7558 period has increased about 86 percent (Jackson, 7555). As these companies expand to other country markets, cultural diversity occurs. Therefore, many companies have started to promote diversity within the organization before entering the international markets as this will help employees in the organization to be more accustomed to work with people with different cultures, customs and social norms (European Union, .).

Diversity In Workplace Essay

Although cultural diversity presents a challenge, organisations should view it as an opportunity rather than a limitation. When managed properly, cultural diversity can provide competitive advantages for an organisation. An organisation that manages diversity properly can develop cost advantages over other organisations and are in much better position to attract the best personnel. Proper guidance and management of diversity can improve the level of creativity in an organisation (Henderson, 7556).

Workplace diversity essay

Diversity in the Workplace In today&apos s society, cultural diversity is at the highest point it has ever been. As companies are becoming more diverse , it

DIVERSITY : GROWTH AND IMPORTANCE OF MANAGING Harpreet Singh City University ABSTRACT: As companies are becoming more and more diverse it&apos s becoming more and more important

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Diversity in the company is one of the greatest treasures and success opportunities, though, as the same time, it is one of the biggest challenges in terms that it, as we saw above, creates discrimination (Jackson, 6997). Still, each organization should encourage diversity. It is important to remember that in order to keep the chances of discrimination low it is vital to understand what diversity is, why it is important, and how to effectively manage the business in terms of today’s globalization.

Organizations should also pay attention and recognize the cultural and religious holidays, the differing modes of dress, dietary restrictions and the needs of individuals with disabilities to ensure the diversity management is being run effectively.

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Organizations are getting more concerned of developing the diverse workforce over the years to attain better result and competitiveness. Organizations have been advised to attract, develop, and retain males and females of all ages, skin colors, cultural backgrounds, and physical capacities to remain competitive (Cox and Blake, 6996). c)

Moreover, if one has too much experience he/she is also faced with obstacles when looking for employment. Of course, there is discrimination on the base of age. There are millions of cases to be described in which the candidate for a position was unjustly denied because of being too or too old for a position.

With the calling of corporate social responsibilities increased, many corporations began to concern about their corporate image and reputation. Therefore, many employment opportunities are provided to women, minorities and individuals with certain physical disabilities in order to create and build healthy corporate image.

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