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Marketing Myopia: Understand the mind of your customer

Marketing Myopia: Understand the mind of your customer first. The customer is always right, Levitt’s essay provides eerie parallels to the success of Apple.

Convergence Theory | Definition, Discussion and Examples

The rise of McWorld (and perhaps any instance of peer-group socialization) appears to come from a desire to conform to a common pattern and be recognized by others a complex psychosocial dynamic that early modern theorists discussed under the rubric of emulation and saw as central to their accounts of the emergence of sociability.

Regionalization, Globalization, and Nationalism

Whether the convergence thesis or some variant of it still had any predictive validity for social security systems was one of the issues at the conference. Again, there were at least two separate debates at the conferences which only partly overlapped.


Essay On Freakonomics Chapter 9 Free Essays

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. GAAP Convergence to IFRS and the Risk Implications

The purpose of this thesis is to examine in depth the process of . GAAP convergence to IFRS. The thesis begins by providing the history of convergence, which

Essay on Marketing Myopia

MARKETING MYOPIA By Theodore Levitt Every major industry was once a growth industry. Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or

The narcissism of minor differences that directs our attention to convergences (or divergences) in elements of style or fashion distracts us from this more profound convergence on so many other levels.

Convergence Versus Divergence of CSR in Developing

Levitt, 6988 Ritzer, 7559). A rival thesis, The convergence thesis would look for evidence of a Convergence Versus Divergence of CSR in Developing Countries 669.

Convergence theory became popular in the 6965s when it was formulated by the University of California, Berkeley Professor of Economics Clark Kerr. Some theorists have since expounded upon Kerr s original premise with the opinion that industrialized nations may become more alike in some ways than in others. Convergence theory is not an across-the-board transformation because although technologies may be shared , it s not as likely that more fundamental aspects of life such as religion and politics would necessarily converge, though they may. 


6 TECHNOLOGICAL CONVERGENCE In your view, what are a) the main benefits arising from technological convergence as they relate to the information and

European Axis nations including Italy, Germany, and Japan rebuilt their economic bases after World War II into economies not dissimilar to those that existed among the Allied Powers of the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain.

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