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So, we’ve seen the advantages, now it’s time to take a look at the main disadvantages of wind energy. Wind energy has a number of drawbacks, with the NIMBY (not in my back yard) factor playing a large role.

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On the other hand, I belive that the disadvantages are greater. Frome social perspective, Seperating from family at an early age to live in seperate place could break many families. families are becoming dispersed ,less close and parents are somtimes left individual get busy with their study and work so they disconnected from their terms of environment,living each member of families alone could make more pressure on natural is because there will be more demand for housing and space and which mean more destruction of the natural habitat.

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Through long association and use, most backpackers are intuitively familiar with how to setup a ground system. Not to mention that most people use a ground system at home a standard bed.

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It should be noted that noise and visual pollution are both environmental factors, but they don’t have a negative effect on the earth, water table or the quality of the air we breathe.

-    Flyers marketing lacks long term impact on customers just like any other marketing methods, a consumer can be convinced and buy a product after which he/she will not use or keep the flyer flyers are not like television advertisement where a product is regularly advertised making consumers to get used to the product. Flyers are discarded after they are read.

i think i noticed two errors in your essay
the first one is: i do not think we generally use however and while consecutively, i think omitting however in the first line will make more sense.
Secondly the last sentence of second paragraph where you mentioned end up having this is not the formal written English structure. it is more the spoken structure.

Given all of my explanations, I firmly believe that leaving away from home is a choice that should be given a considerable amount of advantages and disadvantages could be less or great depending on the family and individual.

By using wind energy to generate electricity, we are helping to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel alternatives such as coal, oil and gas. In many cases, these natural resources are often sourced from other countries.

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