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Magic Names: Onomastics in the Fantasies of Ursula Le Guin

Well, this is why we care about A Wizard of Earthsea : because Le Guin takes an older heroic type that we all know from other books – the wise and powerful wizard – and she makes us ask the question, "What was he like when he was our age?" And the answer isn't always pretty. For example, when we were we could be really annoying. We could sometimes be wild and proud and violent. (Ask us some time how we got this scar.) But maybe we could still become the heroes that we want to be. This is both the topic and the hope of A Wizard of Earthsea : that we can make bad choices sometimes and that we can then fix those mistakes.

Wizard Of Earthsea Thesis

Ged’s hunt leads him to Iffish, the island where his school friend Vetch is from. While on the island, Ged runs into Vetch who convinces Ged to stay with him. Ged meets Vetch’s sister Yarrow, who he very much enjoys, and Vetch’s brother Murre, whose easy life Ged envies. Once Ged has told Vetch of all his recent struggles and his quest to hunt the shadow, Vetch decides to join Ged on this journey. Together the two friends leave Iffish toward the Open Sea in pursuit of the shadow.

AWizard of Earthsea Chapter 1 Summary

At once Ged took his form and place again on the boat, for it was most perilous to keep that dragon-shape longer than need demanded. His hands were black with the scalding wormblood, and he was scorched about the head with fire, but this was no matter now. He waited only till he had his breath back and then called, "Six have I seen, five slain, nine are told of: come out, worms!"

Ged sank to his knees. [.] He wished he might lie down there in that dark place where sea and mountain met and sleep, sleep on the restless rocking water.

In Earthsea , Le Guin takes a wizard who will one day be immensely powerful, and she shows us what he's like as a teen and a man. In her story, this wizard childhood isn't terribly pretty: Ged will one day be wise and kind (and bearded), but when he's he's reckless and proud and gets into some terrible trouble that follows him and nearly kills him.

He stumbled forward, catching the mast to stay his fall, and light came shooting back into his eyes. He saw the shadow shudder away from him and shrink together, then stretch hugely up over him, over the sail, for an instant. Then like black smoke on the wind it recoiled and fled, formless, down the water towards the bright gate between the cliffs.

Ogion finds Ged and takes care of him for a few days. Ogion reassures Ged telling him he is strong enough to conquer the shadow but he must become the hunter not the hunted. With the advice of his true master, Ged leaves Gont to pursue his shadow.

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The story begins in Ged’s childhood and follows him through his journey to become a wizard and his quest to defeat the evil shadow creature he accidentally unleashes into the world.

Now imagine this: it's 6968, practically eons before Harry Potter , and Ursula K. Le Guin wants to know where all these old men with long white beards and immense wisdom come from. Are they born like that? Or do they start out as regular kids who have to learn how to be wise and grow beards? This curiosity on her part turned into the inspiration for A Wizard of Earthsea.

In mid­flight the dragon Ged raised wings, stopped, and stooped as the hawk stoops, talons outstretched downward, striking and bearing the other down by neck and flank. The black wings flurried and black dragon-blood dropped in thick drops into the sea. The Pendor dragon tore free and flew low and lamely to the island, where it hid, crawling into some well or cavern in the ruined town.

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